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In Retrospect

Since the American people are going to have to die in a corporate takeover of the world United States of America Default on its National Debt anytime in Fall 2018. That will greatly benefit the world Military Forces to rise-up and capture government, nationalize corporations in all of their countries to Publicly own Business, if all the peoples want their own kinds of a society, without trillionares telling them what to do. Where with me in Command of a world wide Military I get to nationalize Business in a nazi world-wide Racist Confederation, in with white America Britain Germany Italy Russia. China and any other in Military Coups of Arm Forces I unite in world wide peace. Where the races hate each other must be separated to their own countries, if not destroyed.

With dictatorship in Military power after military coups, in my Martial law I destroy the trillionares soldier's and New World Order. Business, in the way of the people's of the world freedoms. Let us have military coups join in and retake the world, for everyone's own race and nationality independence, from Big Business, for my World Order, to have a say in what they want, a Final Revolution for the people, if okay with citizens to eradicate crimes and all the criminal populations to depopulate the World for Peace, where I'll watch your stuff!

While the "loopholes" in government "benefits" were all engineered by secret societies to pass out to their friends for a national debt. Beginning May 1, 2016, which ended that practice in government, because Masonic secret society does not control government anymore except in Congress, subversive to the wishes of White American citizens. New World Order leftist subversive groups & lawyers took over control of U.S. government against White American citizens, to keep them in debt due arbitrary, to further inflate everything's prices for profit, with Business in power, thus making Revolution a suicide mission for Military establishment in my hands! White America for me to arm the right to search and destroy anti-American alien races and secrecies the left hired in business and government on the job against White America. That our American patriots would never die for, to keep in power.

While I am on the threshold of reality I was thinking about WWII Germany. When a large group of people that I suppose were Germans, confronted me, in a panic on what to do in their dire situation. I said if Germany had gotten their rich off of their ass and into factories they would have gotten everything working right! Instead of trusting slaves: In vital industry jobs!

Lets talk about GOD now, what only the pure in heart ever see. That are always persecuted because of it. The religions destroying and giving hell to their elect/if they are not born into the right family/always swinging their weapons and pointing scriptures, on Ethnic positions, subversive to GOD.

While U.S. dollar is crashing around the world, in inflation I could save the USA in an Armed Forces about face to any orders coming from their leftist authorities, where to die for my leadership in establishing our racist America what Donald Trump should be able to do/takeover purge out as Commander of U.S. fighting forces. While I must this Fall get myself safely out of the world or go on a rampage killing enemies to leave on fire, go around a block to kill other leftist sympathizers/for one of them erasing all of my pictures of black volcanic smoke erupting out of covered thermal vents all over the hills and valley straight up or out sideways on a hill top picture she stole of mass volcanic releases, she deleted and charged $81 for it Indian subversive I will saw her head off back in Oregon. In power I win the West right for White America, with Militia U.S. armed forces I eliminate the entire legal system and their friends in fraud to rape and rob the left in Revolution. Police are not necessarily enforcers of legislated law but enforcers of right, for all White Americans in America. So in tribunal I use a chain saw to cut off a woman's head obstructing truth and her accomplices. Truth impossible in Allah's negative world, to have to kill Jews. Moses stole the Ark of the Covenant out of the Great Pyramid, under it's entrance, to avoid the guards. Let me kill the Jews, to can them for the Pharaoh, for selling to Indonesia & Polynesia to grill them, with specials on Natives Indians Mexicans and colored, in this racially hostile World. 4.5 billion years ago after 6 days different people on Earth that did not get along colonized 7 other orbs to Jupiter', to be separate. Integration proven to be subversive!

There was a Chinese-american spying for the Chinese government in a weapons secrets scandal in New Mexico. I am sure many Americans remember hearing about it, concerning the minds of alien races being integrated into anybody's else's given countries, where equality has proven not a safe policy for U.S. citizenship or anyone else's citizenship. Wherever aliens are equally qualified, play like they are loyal citizens. But when they get their hands on American secrets here get into positions of authority in America they are enemies of the people. Secretly or openly hostile invasive alien human species are only loyal to their own kind's and countries. Racism is the way to reduce shortage problems in my dictatorship by Default. White America's national security in a world 7 times more populous than 1950, in my lifetime, multiplying faster and faster the number of criminals until an Armageddon in politics, over a cliff on National Debt beginning in September through 2018 my rule pays off after Donald Trump Commands all of his troops to over his government's dead bodies taking back all the riches to have a new U.S. government for the American people. My revolution here an armed good verses bad, to no shortages. Health to the planet and its citizens where I won America's new "Commander in Chief" position by Default at the polls and through the political system's practice, for an acting Commander in Chief's military coup. Federal government and Supreme Court shot away for everything they have, so I pay the National Debt they created with all of their corruption wealth. My Military restoration upheaval to mobilize American people into a Militia, for my transition government under Martial Law. U.S. Government by Default vote with National Debt in 2018 by Majority vote, for my nationalist revolution since 1996. Authority will get up one morning to running for their lives. Their children with guns for democracy, in my dictatorship now! Forget about the political votes I represent White American military am your new Commander in Chief. I will prove something by vanishing to demonstrate a law at the end of the world and wipe away debt, to create a new U.S. system of government for public opinion to run government in a polling system for White America. But most of the visitors to these pages are from Russia, Ukraine Germany and a few other foreign countries for the largest number of visitors to these pages. Where crime profits from criminals and gangs and their half breed sympathizers my nationalist forces bomb and eradicate. In Ukraine destroy everyone from its awful Islamic territory Russia had war with, as far as God goes creation is only an electrical system that does not care what people believe. No matter how much they worship it. In power I will use U.S. Military power to bomb ethnic and political targets. Americans I mobilize into States of a U.S. Militia to destroy and feed to predators enemies of the people elsewhere. So taking riches of illegal aliens and all of their cousin peoples. Good verses Evil a World War to roll back world population in every country, back down to well under a billion people, on Earth. All the American patriots get their fair share of everything of value from immigrants, black and latin and the others. Shoot on sight, or they surrender or escape, or have to be hunted down. Let their athletes take plane or boat to get out of USA. Some we have to invade to catch them to take their wealth over their dead bodies. China with a billion in slums working as slaves for the Chinese Communist Party, where no one lives in any of their 64 million luxury apartments they built in uninhabited brand new cities scattered all around China with the excess in wealth they got from American businesses and government trade legislation, in hoarding wealth they make from America because Mafia controlled labor unions increased labor costs in America drove up the cost of living with strikes for more union dues they used to finance a black politician to become president, so big business paid their politicians to legislate sending all of their jobs overseas. Feminists and liberals against White America I pack in cans to export to cannibals, in polynesia and Africa, during my Martial Law. The others take to the Farm use for manual labor, mint their gold and silver to pay White American workers to save us all.

In America arson annually destroys Americans in forest fires intentionally to burn up American people's homes and businesses, ever since blacks with Molotov cocktails burned America's South I was in. Someone on our roof with a rifle at least told one to drop it. Getting rid of the threats is carnage to take America's freedoms back to a 1940's security. So I purge the USA gunning down most of the criminals locked up or at large. Rockets and then roadblocks, jets and smart bombs kill all the gangs criminals and white collar corruption for peace of mind my homeland security policy. Take all the wealth of the people's enemies to encourage civic duty in America, one citizen to another for all. Police and military root out the evil in every country. Get rid of all the criminal intent types incarcerated or at large costing tons of money to keep alive or free to confront the public. Crime first see in children for regimentation or destruction, bad blood. Weed out white bad blood to be lifer as soldiers. Citizens inclined to different obsession talents employ in each of their categories to rigorous education. Strictly control bad elements for serving society regimented. Citizens opinion majority with a button on subversive peoples eliminate corruption threats. Secure a place in a world economy without public enemies like work against American citizen's best interests at home and away, with business. My U.S. government overthrow of the lying subversive political system in America, that lets in aliens to get in positions where they ultimately weaken White America and our National Security. Deporting clannish types like caste society Indian Jew Latin and like gangster ethnic types in a us against them war deport or destroy, taking African territory for black breeds, only offering visas to tourists, when everyone's countries immigrants plan community overthrows like aliens do. So I bomb and invade to relocate aliens back to their homelands, while I get rid of hispanics back to their countries or fed to predators at sea, without mentioning how natives turned out in America, genocide in America, where diversity is adversity! By aborting the "melting pot" of enemies policy to profit Business I justify my American Dictatorship by Default Military transition government. Where spoils of victory I offer in a deportation and nationalization! Spying in the USA proves diversity is adversity, wherever you mix races. I cleanse America of it, as The Third Party, my Military leadership to restore early American values, round up deport or destroy other cultures with American fighting forces. Divide and ration equal amounts of the spoils of victory. America's enemies deport or meat pack for export. U.S. Treasury melt their wealth for America's future. The watchers wait as islamic ruled countries remain subversive everywhere they immigrate to. But with my successful ideology against islam only used once I rid the world of islam, am sure my tactic will be approved to destroy negative religion. Only religion as a public threat in my USA is worthy of being Taxed.

While Masonic Order for instance shows the light of salvation to its members with sorcery, in Masonic Lodges, to become blameless in God's eye to do any crime, rape or robbery and corruption and fornication, they want to, unless I take over private industry and everything for the people to have reasonably. Sending in Militia and Military I capture the management and backers into tribunal camps, if they don't resist. The others pack into cans to sell to be grilled in Africa and polynesia so I hire all the engineers that want to build things like for space travel for space cities, increasing the opportunities to all of the citizenship's security, while financing the people's technological ingenuity so everyone finds a place in their national company.

On May 1st 2007 several people stopped me as I was walking somewhere. They began telling me how much good this country has done for the world, when I said "America would be better off if we had kept everything to ourselves". They all shut up, and I walked away. But that evening jets flew a simulated air attack all over town. One diving jet came in too close for comfort. It could have taken out my side of a hill facing the air base, like as if it were a bombing target to drop bombs, reminded me of the people who stopped me, if they were behind the night of Air Force simulating bombing town were showing me and everyone, War moves up-close. So I thought the group I encountered did not approve of my nationalist views, but showed me the way to get revolution done fast! What wonders can be done with U.S. Military support. My representing the anti-government sentiments of the Majority I arm White American citizens into States in a National Militia. Under my orders U.S. Military uses any method to take down the government and concentrate all of its political and corporate powers lobbyists and unions and take out their security guards defending them in the political system, against all odds to the death the common people with me in power destroy the people's enemies and children-thereof remove their Threats!

The present faiths in the world destroyed their predecessors. Where my faith has to destroy all of the other faiths, or convert them to my faith like religions do. American Nationals I draft into my immigration war, ascending prove a secret exit tool through to the other side of reality Positive Gravity Charge. Matter joined to a Negative Gravity Charge current a Circuit of Gravity too bright to see, alternative to death and destruction. Shape of the barrier to the middle of them escape. Bringing twenty-first century technology back in my pack start American Revolution first, with my gun and variations of it. Explosive formulas for 1763 America. God Positive Charge of Gravity pouring down on all the dark gravity currents out of the layers of the Negative Gravity Charge's out to the outer Negative Gravity Charge every creation. Incoming and out going currents in the Circuit of Eternity, the Circuit closed with a "Big Bang"! Black currents coming and going through Positive Gravity Charge. Matter turning faster than light. Gravity currents flow down "mass" that pops-up Circuit of the Universe length connected World expanding in the dark vacuum of God+ "mass" Hollow on Dark God- currents visibly filling the Space. Secret societies invoke the Master of Currents pulling up in its shade rains down the substance of JesusChrist to everything as fast as a rock every opportunity to divert their attention from following the will of the "Devil" with the Crown on known as "Allah". The people must to destroy its Establishment for peace. I will set aside hills property saturated with Positive Gravity Charge or simply vanish from one. My leadership here began ©1997 (1996) one year retroactive, Congress Internet copyright law passed in 1998. I am the American people's Third Party since this page! U.S. government political parties and their stock market system, take all of them out for my government a people's polling system so I pay off the establishment's national debt to begin USA a true Democracy.

All the Default vote is my vote, by copyright. But the rich do not allow my Power by Default, back to the election in 1996, when it takes a billion dollars to get elected, like the manufactured politicians, profiting in U.S. government plans to phase out on July 1, 2018, if left to Default on its National Debt. In Silent Majority vote I represent racist America, as leader, calling for my White U.S. Military leadership dictatorship to save our skins. Whatever American people want they get a share of it by overthrowing the establishment to make safe and secure their ass and mine from natural and man made disasters! Maybe I have to wait to get to a place where water flows uphill to salvation where a car rolls up-hill, with a hidden supernatural tool to get out of the world like at 4 other times. There is no peaceful solution at the end of Universe Circuit other than chaos and anarchy, or revolution enlistment, for all the reasons I explain here. With plenty of good advisors to pick for infighting and deportation chaos establishing my employment economic system for the end of the world. Enlisting children and electorate survive volcano methane gas fire and religion, concluding Arctic Ocean melt down to polar reversal. I offer escape from high winds and fire to millions of workers pay in gold and silver, Bank and work underground engineer and manufacture meet every need. Confiscate goods and bomb shelter U.S. citizens build their survival up in the mountains where the Earth's core cannot kill us.

Maybe as a ruthless dictator I take everything from the rich save some, while destroying subversive rich and alien incompatible ethnic groups that do not get out of America in time. Taking business I deploy soldiers in revolution, kill the security guards, save the invaluable to oversee their trades and industries. Like in the World Wars good American citizens worked honest jobs that went wrong in 1950's Supreme Court rules, for hiring. But while returning with a friend from fishing maybe by Ford family mansion or someone else's many storied ivy covered old house across the street we walked back to Detroit, passing on the sidewalk a girl our age all dressed up in an ornate embroidered suit. My dangling hook snagged her so she flipped around without making a sound. I felt the tug and went right back to her to free her. Luckily her clothing was woven so thick that when I grabbed the hook and pulled the cloth to a point to rip out the hook it came out without damage to her suit. So modest she still did not say a single word, or make a sound, she had to have come from good people. But the gangs they will all have to die or get away, or they have to be tracked down to kill so there can be Democracy in United States of America! Every citizen will limited to 10 million dollars to work for. Excess wealth goes to Public Fund, dividends. Bank gold stacked so everyone can look at their own pile to handle deposit wages shop for products food drink everything reserved through "The Bank" for delivery of products nationally or competition in local products purchased locally.

Meanwhile in 2006 the steam expanded remains of a star several times bigger than the Sun, Planet X, went behind the Sun so close it turned the Sun upside down on February 19, 2007. Sirius swinging back around the Sun will be seen as close as Neptune in 2020, that only needs get as close as Pluto for its magnetism to upset the Moon and the Earth's spin. The 10th planet of the Sun up so close that Jews were run out of Egypt by its white dwarf passing so close is back. Bringing asteroids, disaster, the star Sirius having gone through a trillion asteroids and comets to get back into the inner solar system. Sirius having hit a million of them, until it gets as close as Neptune, give three months notice before the Earth starts going through them. Magnet Sirius turned the Sun upside down, on February 19, 2007. But sat at sunrise to southern hemisphere on October 23, 2006. While Earth's bubble of iron going to face a white dwarf star orbiting Planet X 3 x Jupiter gravity eclipses a brilliant blue planet radiant rays white beamed off the white dwarf until January 25, 2006, could rise up and fall apart revealing a blue sky planet always facing 10th planet Sirius, reflecting blue sky reflection off of it Scandinavians call Thor ran into it in mythology.

I have a text written from ancient Egypt, about when two stars came by close to the Earth and destroyed ancient Egyptian civilization. Leaving it in ruins the way is found today, that says that when they come by up close again "a new moon will rise up to break apart and fall", that would mean it is white dwarf star breaking up in the Sun's rays, if Sirius's white dwarf is frozen that falls apart. Kolbrin Bible speaking about the moon of another planet. Gliese 229B its radiant blue planet shinning on Sirius always behind the white dwarf. Cold and frozen certainly, to raise up-close to Earth to break apart and fall in 2020. shows Sirius go by the Earth as close as Neptune. Coincidently a 2003 Astronomy Magazine article states "the Moon will probably be destroyed" if the "asteroid" (Wormwood) breaks-up and falls on the Moon. Would cause riots in anarchy, desperate times of affliction. 2 large asteroids already missed Europe Nostradamus predicted blew-up over Russia 1 beside Florida.


The 2003 the location of the Sun's Twin in relation to inner solar system planet orbital paths, around the Sun, out of Oort Cloud not yet in sunlight descended into orbit around the Sun. The 2 converging gravity current sinks, with Positive Gravity Charge flooding them both with mass. Planet X as "2003 UB313" in February 2006 Sirius sat behind the Sun on Hogback Mountain at dawn September 23rd, and October 23 horizon, to now going around the Sun will go by the Earth as close as Neptune in 2020. Sirius rising causes Earth to turn upside down, blowing out its Arctic Circle. Sirius magnetism push or pulls Earth's iron core out blowing-up out of a seam from Atlantic Ocean. Noah's Ark, his "fountains of the deep" erupting in a Rapture" in a twinkling of an eye" from the Earth suddenly expanding until end of expanding. This time collapses "a new heaven and a new earth" Flood over most of the land on Earth.

Comets regularly come close around the Sun like Hale-Bop, that came around under it and out over the Earth closer than the Moon, close to the Earth. Until others too many times close to the Sun's heat eventually brakes them apart like fell on Jupiter, for instance. Maybe people who die young are better off than living trials to a bitter ends in long lives, like witness polar reversal in 2020. The illuminated may have to all be illuminated again, to leap into pearly heights the few. I plan to. Though for most Americans strong shelters will do, if they cannot break through to Positive Gravity Charge Blood of Christ in Element 0 shape, suddenly "the few", vanish into the nagual. Unless I get to another spot to film it so no onlookers there will get to see me break on through to the other side, for any miracles. However all of the once saved always saved ascend even if they mess around those places for more enlightenment or die in suicide, fighting for White American values regardless if it is only a losing cause break on through to the other side anyway, destroying powers that be. In my White America, safely in bunkers under my leadership, for the guilty of original sin, with no other chance to save their skins, maybe some to new heaven and new earth, after Earth's iron core blows out Earth's side from the Arctic Circle. Gauging by the momentum and speed of the iron ball the size of the Moon, Inner Earth that hit the Earth's 85° top hard a Japan 9.2. earthquake Geological Survey maps graph here global warming and axis of Earth's core bounced to over Siberia, continuing to heat-up, must be on its side spinning its equator up against Earth flat top was thrust west!

There are always these kinds of signs of "the end times", for at least a hundred years to be certain of it, before Earth's magnetic poles switch places again. These are the present signs of "the end times", being suppressed by the authorities. Planet X causing solar polar reversal turns Earth upside down in a day to face another approaching global disaster. On Earth with more people alive than there are dead, which is increasing rapidly to a sudden mass human die-off. Through coinciding natural disasters there are billions of fatalities. In a "Resurrection of the dead", if one thing leads to another, flex according to the mathematical formula for weight and momentum of falling mass into liquid lithosphere should rise up gravitational field holding them down if the dead are raised up out of Earth's gravitational field. To land!


"Surprising Solar Storms Rage at Sun's South Pole

Ker Than

Staff writer

Posted: 20 February 2007, 12:35 pm ET

Relatively calm weather was the standard forecast for the Sun, which is near the end of another 11-year cycle, but raging solar storms just spotted at its south pole tell a different story.

At the start of a solar cycle, sunspots-regions on the Sun marked by cooler temperatures and intense magnetic activity tend to appear near the poles and move towards the equator as the cycle concludes.

Scientists were therefore surprised when Ulysses, a joint European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA spacecraft currently embarked on its third tour around the Sun since launch in 1990, spotted intense solar storms near the Sun's south pole. Solar storms are energetic explosions on the surface of the Sun caused by solar flares or coronal mass ejections, both of which tend to occur near sunspots.

'Particle events of this kind were seen during the second polar passes in 2000 and 2001, at solar maximum,' said Richard Marsden, ESA's Ulysses Project Scientist and Mission Manager. 'We certainly didn't expect to see them at lower latitudes at solar minimum.'

Ulysses also found that the Sun's south pole is currently cooler than its north pole. This is a reversal from 10 years ago, when the northern polar coronal hole was about 7 to 8 percent hotter than the southern one. Coronal holes are like bald spots on the Sun: they are regions in the Sun's upper atmosphere, called the corona, where there is less heated gas than average. During solar minimum, coronal holes are mainly found at the Sun's polar regions; during solar maximum, they can be located anywhere.

'This implies that the asymmetry between north and south has switched with the change of the magnetic polarity of the Sun,' said George Gloeckler, Principal Investigator for the Solar Wind Ion Composition Spectrometer (SWICS) aboard Ulysses."

I will have to be real creative, to get out of this world alive. But I only played around the other side because it lights you up. I learned some things about its properties, and since I am poor I cannot run for anything like president or dictator I can at least tell them, wherever I want to return, that I have a BOMB, when I only know how to make them, to keep everyone at a safe distance wherever I sleep, to be able to help them accomplish their goals in a revolution, out of the secret tool I will have to use to get in the time machine, if "God" is a time machine, just about no one else can get in.

"The Sun's magnetic field consists of a north pole, where the field flows out of the Sun, and a south pole where the field re-enters. During solar maximum, when the Sun's activity is at a peak in its 11-year cycle, the poles exchange places."

Only government and secret societies are prepared for the arrival of a dark star and a red dwarf star in 2020, both of them expecting a 6th polar reversal to happen. The media only airing crime violence and disaster stories, sexy women talking all day reporting everything ignoring knowledge of a "New Star" coming in to hit the Sun and one coming around it with the need to know for a national survival plan, keep the people ignorant of imminent disaster star Sirius coming up around to as close as Neptune with a collapsed white dwarf star the "new moon" going fall from dark star Sirius or a red dwarf which one drops off Wormwood Bible Revelation Tribulation they plan on to begin this September or July 2018! Sirius facing a blue planet close behind a white dwarf up in front of it bringing back by my white planet with 7 moons I watched go by in 2006 in plain sight bigger than Mars not Venus with moons, or from my smallest of telescopes I counted 10 moons not around Jupiter or Mars again "once in every 50,000 years" in 2006. Authorities know two dwarf stars are going to be in our face in 2020. From one Wormwood falls apart in pieces hitting the Moon and Earth besides asteroids bounced off of the star Sirius like blew up over Earth in February 2013. Sirius' white dwarf shattering would reveal a blue planet behind it which a ship left at Mercury while going by the Earth. Earth going through Milky Way Galaxy Mayan calendar edge. In "global warming" to blow up Earth's top when Planet X is up-close to the Earth in 2020/Planet X magnet up-closer to Earth magnetic poles!

By eyesight Sirius getting brighter like a train coming in at the Sun to sunrise, in the first 10 months of 2006, went behind the Sun flipped the Sun's magnetic poles over on February 19, 2007. So when Sirius is close as Neptune it should be flipping Earth and the other solar system planet's magnetic poles, from behind a collapsed "white dwarf" star in front of Sirius. Edenite civilization went behind the Sun on October 23, 2006, the Sun and Sirius 2 gravity sinks going to be close in 2020. Sirius close as Neptune crosses magnetic pole ends with Earth's could switch the Sun's magnetic poles into another new 11 year cycle of Sun flipping over its magnetic poles. Where the media is keeping secret a many times bigger star went by the Sun sat to southern hemisphere is coming up to destroy the Earth and switch the Sun's magnetic poles early again in 2020. Son of God the Sun, Negative Gravity Charge currents converge Positive Gravity Charge to gravity grounds all about the spheres star along Universe.

What happens to be an incoming fly by of a star to the Sun in 2006 sat just to the left of the Sun on the sunrise, September 23, on Hogback Mountain to behind the Sun, a month later finally sat on the horizon. While media quit reporting anything on Sirius still getting closer to the Sun, when it turned the Sun upside down on February 19, 2007. Forgetting Sirius that flipped the Sun upside down on a U-turn orbit around the Sun to rise up as close as Neptune in 2020. Scientists publish the above misleading view that they have no idea why the Sun's poles switched places was this passing star Sirius on the ancient Mexico calendar, Short Count prediction for a 12/24/2011 end of the Milky Way Galaxy turnaround, when a 9.2 Japan earthquake tsunami 8.8 Haiti earthquake Chile 8.8 earthquake and volcanic eruption, and a New Zealand 8.8 earthquake 2015 Earth tilted over so the Daylight Savings time change had to be an hour later a warning to be ready to die in 2020 don't take a chance break through to the other side then! Long Count end of the world only to end of the solar orbit in this galaxy. A time for my dictatorship Military miracle capture or destroy authorities for tribunal can or deport. Default votes keeping on electing me president, to my U.S. Military Change of Command, bomb the powers that be and establish my Democracy!

Earth's magnetic poles switching places when things like star Sirius go by the Sun up so close to the Earth could collapse the Earth, pulling out its magnetic core to stick to it if Sirius is 5 x bigger than the Sun close as Neptune, from internal pressures breaking out, in Floods out of Earth's core new life each time! This time only several days and nights of Flood, until methane gas fire, when I am always hearing people say that none of this can happen. The official "waite and see" reasoning keeps deviating from truth, as sexy dancing ladies announce everything ignore all the facts adding up to a Flood, with the Earth finishing-up turning upside down in 2020 or earlier? Is Jesus wrong end of this Age happening when fig trees put forth new leaves? I could raise political incorrectness hell U.S. Military redistributed to distant counties unknown in a bombing and shooting "The System" campaign, using all of the people's U.S. Armed Forces, children and volunteers in Militias house to house pillaging deportation, a white racist Military campaign. My Power by Default.

With U.S. Armed Forces Power and Militia authorities put to work on the Farm, replaced by students in corresponding fields of knowledge, with everything subject to opinion majorities. While "THE GREAT SPIRIT" is a good recognizable term to use for THE POSITIVE CHARGE OF GRAVITY, which is what "God" is, instead of calling it Jesus Christ, with a wound on its light, instead of a laboratory name, that covers earth everywhere with a thin gravity convergence sphere under black currents running down threads of "white-light" Circuit of NEGATIVE GRAVITY CHARGES to POSITIVE GRAVITY CHARGE. Which is so bright and fast it is invisible. While my U.S. Military in a civil war is the only way to go, maybe I get my hands on an old space ship engine in a factory under Area 51. It will be there, back in the 17th century through JesusChrist from 21st century, where they were created, useful for transport to Mars or beyond. Though where to vanish into Positive Gravity Charge are all on private property to seize, that will take me a week against the wind to show up in early 1760. To show the people the way America turned out. But I am curious about the wound on the Light of the other side. Must mean God is JesusChrist I break on through to the other side with the tool, to pop up in early America to show movies and documentaries, and play the future back to make a profit. Underground home industry and a confederation influence get in power weed out the enemies of white people, soldiers and family all citizenship rights, with tractors in the fields for a healthy harvest as a nation in a far reaching democracy. My bag from United States of America future could even in 1600's prevent the cause of burning witches at the stake sink at sea out of sight with their dogs for sex to sharks show right and wrong way at a early age and make Cotton Gin, keep going back in time to keep getting young again or stay in God for nothing else but immortality that is the purpose of life.

Years ago someone was irritated I had not said a word about there being a black president of the United States of America from 2008 until 2016, that was grabbed off the shelf by the Mafia controlling Unions who despise and defraud American people the Bar Association Masonic Order of lawyer's in money donations which elected a moslem from Indonesia without a U.S. birth certificate. That a fake one was made for so he could get a Social Security number, to say he is from Hawaii, to support a political fiscal cliff Default deal for continued business profits Integration verses Segregation. Meat pack them traitors, the authorities to destroy, politicians lawyers and their Court against American people's racism and nationalism, for eliminating discrimination, back to only white's right in America. Criminals, lawyers, nominating and legislating "The System" corruption in plots under the table for money and favors. Bomb and shoot them! Fill up the prisons with them to kill and feed to predators their no worries plans to get richer in national debt default unavoidable under their plan for American dollar in Fedcoin deflation or dollar collapse. Put investors in cans or they jump out of buildings and off bridges. Although more could break out of the world into Positive Charge of Gravity, for security there. I could wind up running government by the people in a U.S. government "FEMA" underground city with the people's taxes take out politicians from tax payer shelters provide skills needed in health and prosperity be a Martyrs leadership, end times of for Democracy!

About that scroll I had in my hands at a Japanese initiation, a dreaded Vietnam veteran come back, just like the ones I protested, that I found out to be another mean fucking Vietnam veteran who stole everything, handing me a little loaded pistol against his knife, Salt Lake City 1991. Bad soldiers need all to be kept in military services for life, in their own people's communities. David Revis an exception on my Atlanta drafting crew did not have the syndrome. I am sure the Army did not loose my father's records in a fire, all the way from boot camp to northern Africa, his adventure to Nazi Germany through Sicily. Here Americans have to take out US Government and the powers that be with American Armed Forces vigilantes and America's children enlist Militia, to ethnic "cleanse" America. Rid us of enemies of White's, along with all of the criminals to have to continually be destroyed forever in perpetual revolution against evil I hope to make my escape before volcano's become another Pompeii this time Planet X comes through with a White dwarf star.

Back in the days of high ethics, the Puritans in the 16th century were not bad at all, for burning woman at the stake. All the woman burnt at the stake were burned with the two dogs, that were fucking them, where women have always been witches, forever women are never good enough to have the right to "vote", or be in the public eye in media and government, let women have the right to abort a baby get a divorce or otherwise be treated if like a lady. I keep First Amendment in my New Government. Shopping Mall

Corruption: "The liberties of a people never were,

nor ever will be, secure when the transactions of

their rulers may be concealed from them." That

is the political system that must be destroyed,

Patrick Henry was trying to get across saying

like solution of mine to gangs of politicians in

US Debt Trump! Socialist leadership solution,

to problems for the people, aristocrats cause.

Where the black president now Congress pull

the rug out from peoples retirement decisions

"No retiree will ever again be able to feel safe,

from some backroom midnight rushed change

in rules designed to meet some budget target"

accommodating some politician whim FEDcoin

July 1, 2018 scrubs out Social Security Benefits.


Eastern Europeans who have integrated into

American society are fine with me. Although

southern Europeans are questionable, if not

criminal-minded, however many of them are

fighters for good like Fascist types are great

for special forces to deal with the cruel world

threat should be under control of The People.



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