Magnetic Pole Movement,

North and South

Core of the Earth pressing up against Russia on its way by Siberia turning faster than Earth that bounced a 9.2 and then three 8.8 earthquakes is spinning northwest towards Atlantic. Global warming going northwest around the world, a bubble going to burst out to sea beside northern Norway, up against 85° latitude, going northwest since Earth is tilted, around to where core breaks through Atlantic fault line! I represent U.S. Default votes say to White American Armed Forces Martial Law, State by State Militia, me in command by Default vote Majority we squeeze triggers, arm citizens for White Power. Militia in a ethnic cleansing employ eligible White Americans able to help reclaim America as a nation, and build underground into the mountains to the end of Pole Movement. Church and State, profit and non-profit wealth confiscated, where their establishments are made into museums maintained by the States, as businesses nationalized.

Earth's core revolving closer hit the crust of the Earth at 85 latitude, took a left turn longitude in Earth's top in 4 earthquake hits, a tsunami, spinning faster iron core the size of the Moon hotter and hotter filled southern hemisphere with lava. Scientists say Earth's core is in its center, know it is up heating Earth's top. Taken off the Internet these two maps on January 1/2006 ended 200 thousand related web sites news on all 4 of its bounces, began rolling around 85° latitude since 2011. Authorities safe with their bomb shelters and wealth until 2018. "Magnetic Pole Movement": Try Search for it now. Finding these maps in 1997 increased to over 200,000 sites drew so much attention that NOAA abandoned that site. After taking "NOAA" off of these maps.

Thanks for any Military visits to these pages, a military solution, in my Power by Default change of command, revolution for White American reasons. Besides a "fountains of the deep" tunnel in the Earth under catacombs in Rome, in 1975 to Earth's core, broken free off of Rome the tunnel in an argument with people in Earth's core they severed. These maps show it spin off "fountains of the deep" to core of the Earth that began to spin, faster and faster, counterclockwise as soon as it was broken free from going around at 900 mph it began spinning backwards faster and faster causing global warming. South Magnetic Pole Movement map shows 1975 is when the Earth's core began its back-spin, when it spun off from 2 fountains of the deep, to the northwest. Earth's core spinning that way west to explode in north Atlantic will line up its axis with the axis of the Earth shaped like an egg from the steam inside its ocean inside it expanding faster than the Earth.

Noah built his Ark near a city on the bottom of the Mediterranean Basin, where trees were mammoth enough to build a ship to his specifications. So when the Flood got going it only raised his ship up, in which the storm blew it east for 40 days and 40 nights, to a mountain, where it went aground. The people did not believe a Flood could happen, believing disasters come and go and the world was still there with dry ground under their feet, said there would never be a Flood to need building an Ark died in the Flood he was predicting. Ocean in core of the Earth in molten lithosphere, Noah believed. A 100 year ship building project. Visible from space where it landed.

Starting in 1760 with my electronics and weapons America would become a United States for my 100 year space city project, for 1700's resources and 21st century formulas and my plan, out of the other side through JesusChrist. With my bag of college and flight training, on my PSP. I should be able to spark an industrial revolution with my little rifle business, antibiotics, explosives formulas, and guided missile technology, in courses I have. To get together in 3 years.

Parlay my dictatorship with a new President, all of these 48 pages, for suddenly my democracy for White America. U.S. citizen's militia forces kill criminals and establishment for their wealth fund my White citizen's Militia leadership. Industrial forces decide all issues in opinion polls, for me to employ every White American eligible to arm for freedom. Abandon the "waite and see" quagmire with no chance of replacing "the system" by "legal" means. White U.S. Armed Forces do as I say, pineapple grenades and my leadership, America's Third Party. Nationalize into National Company, opinion polling system for White America's future. Military by any means conquer deport and nationalize, pack enemy in salsa. And make a gravity circuit with the sciences electricity out of Earth's two magnetic fields and go faster than light. My only way out through sword of the lord on some gravity charge deposit exit. Noah without God's hills to climb.

Congress put off another government shutdown, to bring a crate of knives for everyone to grab one and go into Congress to kill everyone there, to get the United States of America out of Debt Default and back to the way I remember community and freedom in the 1950's. Or in a bunker over two thousand feet deep for what comes next, Sun light going to go out a 2020 coincidence hit by a star. End of the world signs ever since 9.2 earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1964, when terra firma began to fall towards Europe in each of the 8.8 or bigger earthquakes, this sphere getting ready to pop out of Arctic. Global warming stops when Earth finishes falling over suddenly, tsunami then Ice Age, a red dwarf hits the Sun, after a star goes by until everyone dies.

Here below is the top and bottom of a moon size iron object that hit the Arctic Circle, in a Japan 9.2 earthquake and tsunami, spins on around 85° northwest, ran into Earth's crust 3 more times in 2011 tsunami's. Earth's core heating up Arctic Ocean over Siberia in Spring algae bloom, under the ice cap, while it is back up to the top of the world to pop Earth's top falling east, beginning in a 1964 Anchorage 9.2 Alaska, before 8.8 earthquake in Indonesia tsunami in 1.5 degrees continent drifts east, terra firma on the move, until a 12.0 earthquake when the bubble stops spinning, stuck, it blows-up out of Earth's top its steam inside, so Earth shrinks in a Flood, so low lands are all flooded when Earth collapses smaller turning faster, in the Revelation to its end.

Someone asked me what I would do about nuclear reactor melt downs in Japan, that happened 6 years ago, long after one melted down in Russia a week after the piece of the Challenger Space Shuttle was picked up off of ocean floor with the hole in it. Where a flame was shooting out of the side of the rocket when the space craft blew-up was found. Melting down for miles. Japs just let them melt down. Not politically fast enough to pour concrete under the plutonium melting down, to contain it from melting on down to lithosphere. So 50,000 years of rising radiation levels. Should of put it in space turning generators between two magnetic fields around the Earth, generating power back to Earth.

Lava in Mt. Shasta hot springs at its top of quit steaming when lava level in it dropped because its lava broke into Mt. Shastina beside it, that sprouted a hot spring waterfall off of its top, pouring over its north end. Core going to come out somewhere at least as big as Texas like it did in Siberia. I am sure it will hold off for me to get to one of my exits to break on through to the other side. Uranium only good for heating water or making bombs. After gold mining spread mercury, did its damage to the oceans, now radiation pouring in for 50,000 years. Did anyone try anchor turbine engines out in high surf to generate electricity, instead of nuclear power? It is too late to restore the oceans now, from radiating.

Besides coincidence, movement of the nearest two stars approaching, there is a galaxy that blew-up, for our apocalyptic times, so the people have to build their cities into mountains. Pole movement causing climate change from inside the Earth. Stretching a Vortex from Russia to New York, feet deep in March snow. Southern California basking in 70's and 80's.

Warmth in Alaska unwanted
Social, ecological upheaval created

By Timothy Egan
New York Times

ANCHOR POINT, Alaska ---
To live in Alaska, where the average temperature has risen about 7 degrees over the past 30 years, means learning to cope with a landscape that can sink, catch fire or break apart in the turn of a season.
In the village of Shishmaref, on the Chukchi Sea just south of the Arctic Circle, it means high water eating away so many houses and buildings that people will vote next month on moving inland.
In Barrow, the northernmost city in North America, it means coping with mosquitoes in a place where they once were non-existent, and rescuing hunters trapped on breakaway ice at a time of year when such things once were unheard of.

Hydraulic jacks handy
In Fairbanks, where wildfires have been burning off and on since mid-May, it means living with hydraulic jacks to keep houses from slouching and buckling on foundations that used to be frozen all year. Permafrost, they say, is no longer permanent.
Here on the Kenai Peninsula, a recreation wonderland a few hours' drive from Anchorage, it means living in a 4 million-acre spruce forest that has been killed by beetles, the largest loss of trees to insects ever recorded in North America, federal officials say. Government scientists tied the event to rising temperatures, which allow the beetles to reproduce at twice their normal rate.
In Alaska, mean temperatures have risen by 5 degrees in summer and 10 degrees in winter since the 1970's, federal officials say.
The leading Republican in the state, Sen. Ted Stevens, says that no place is experiencing more startling changes from rising temperatures than Alaska.
The social costs of higher temperatures have been mostly negative, people here say. The Bush administration report, which was drafted by the Environmental Protection Agency, also found few positives to Alaska's thermal rise. But it said climate change would bring a longer growing season and open ice-frozen seas in the Arctic for shipping.
"There can no longer be any doubt that major changes in the climate have occurred in recent decades in the region, with visible and measurable consequences," the government concluded in the report to the United Nations last month.
It does not take much to find those consequences in a state with 40 percent of the nation's surface water and 63 percent of its wetlands.

'Profound' occurrence
Here on the Kenai Peninsula, a forest nearly twice the size of Yellowstone National Park is in the last phases of a graphic death, Century-old spruce trees stand silvered and cinnamon-colored as they bleed sap.
Climate models predict Alaskan temperatures will continue to rise over this century, by up to 18 degrees.
"We've had so many strange events, things are so different than they used to be, that I think most Alaskans now believe something profound is going on," said Dr. Glenn Juday, an authority on climate change at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks. "We're experiencing indisputable climate warming. The positive changes from this take a long time, but the negative changes are happening real fast."

The religions are all expecting "the other side" to be completely different than it is.                                                                                                          

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for the elections with politics. One party or the other picks another

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Trump now! I sic U.S. Military dogs on the system, liberate citizens.

Taking out the enemies the American people. Close college to others

in a purge. Funding only a White American homeland security policy

we restore rank nationalize gold & silver, capture aliens kill criminals,

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