Dear God

My all out war racist dictatorship is the only solution. Reflecting the holy spirit, with a red button under my thumb, White Supremacy in a world where the races are all enemies by instinct Constitution and democracy for all is insane, for capitalist gains with the stock markets and a police state, to keep the peace. Therefore if all the "windows" of opportunity for attack against United States are in fact "closed", I am here to do away with $3,000,000,000 expense with criminals, in my martial law and ethnic cleansing, to purge America of all of its citizen's public enemies. Kill to feed to critters save American soil of their ghosts, if any, tear gas out the aristocrats and their system of authorities to concentration camps and public tribunals take out business, lawyers and religion wealth, to pay off the national debt non-profit conspiracy take everything they have. White U.S. Armed Forces near the trigger of anything that booms. Trump must take out the system for U.S. citizens or I do it, nationalize everything arm the people for over dead bodies of the resistance. White America hooded patriotic vigilante racist action American leadership, "THE SILENT MAJORITY" knowing "the only good indian" is dead, I am the default vote."Don't vote" votes regularly outnumbering the elected, keeps electing me every election since 1996, to massacre the integration. Shoot on sight, in my change of Command, Martial Law shake-up to represent White American citizens, eligible to but who don't vote versus the bought votes. American children to Armed Forces Militia, volunteer & draft, save the American People purge out in 50 divisions supported by US Military in a war against alien peoples and criminals. My U.S. Military Command culling by race to white troops dismiss or destroy or reassigned to African resettlement. My leadership all about White American racial and labor views. CIA and FBI identify the enemy. Default vote always electing me to take control, so the Majority of White America profits from winning a war at home, to survive with all the tons of gold to prepare for the fire at the end of the world, at the end of global warming. I put guns in American's hands at this time for Revolution against a crooked system, restore gold standard, drop security against citizens. Here Americans decide the laws of the land and what treaties to keep. Citizens volunteer for 2 year job assignments, in a National Company, will influence everything in opinion polls. White Military in-fighting, purge by color and gangster take out all the gangs and political system Debt. Default for nuclear war, to finish off business interests, and mint their money metals and bunker in for 2 stars crossing paths one hits the sun in 2020 the farm land pastures for camping hiking fishing hunting days of U.S. territory to next spring!

India "fixed" our computer software in America when there was not enough technicians in the USA to do it ourselves, They did not mess things-up with our computers, did good work. So I still have a first strike military capability in a hostile world, to collect national debt, arm White America in 50 State Militias to take back America, plundering and pillaging. Jets bomb to the rescue, where the enemy keeps control we destroy everything unto victory, while I go ascend!

Let us make my Orders Constitution, so we nationalize every foreign business venture threat to Americas' security, with my sights on aliens and enemies, to take everything or their lives if they don't escape. Clean up in America, taking homes for the troops and public, destroying criminals and crime families and all their cousins or leave out in the storm, take war brides and the like. So American people U.S. Military capabilities are not a lot of sheep waiting around for Jesus to save us. Time is running out on Jesus riding in on a white horse, I have work for Him to do on Judgment Day last battle against the forces of evil, free of National Debt Default vanish on a spot of my choice, if not here, I will change the world with Military power.

Damned with baby or whole for *Classified*.


In my martial law the National Debt Default put off to 2018 avenged, or everyone might as well go berserk at any time better than their children, destroy and bomb America's enemies! Soldiers for shares draw claim on turf secured in the civil hostilities, purging out a 100 million bombed or gotten away alive out of the USA. I leave America secure. U.S. territories cash in assets confiscated in the purge get a million dollars each credit, U.S. destiny with industry! Military parties round up bank accounts and pay off National Debt. My government isolated from the world I restore industry on gold standard, in a World militarization to kill it selves off!

Breaches happen to security anytime anywhere people trust their enemies. Anyone play rap? Shoot them! All alien races black or white or whatever, rockets then road blocks Confederate flag American People! I have all the details here. I am ready to lead to the end and vanish for my health to earlier century safe from end of the world leave 2020 days baptize itself with fire.

If you could overdose on heroin like Jerry Garcia with a smile on, you could be one of the gods, if there are any others. Sphere of the soul looking down on the world wherever they choose. Most have gone higher by now up and away the Greek gods and all had to Transform like Jerry a spot of cloud with a rainbow through it, to 1999, last a skeleton shred by wind a cloud laughing, turned looking at me on a chopper, cloud south of Interstate 8! Gods can not say much, unless they reappear to make comments of good advice, to support or reject in your best interests transform and vanish unknown, just to take heed in their agreements or disapprovals. Out of the floor Jake's voice who took his life on heroin heard say, yelled "Yea!" Out of the floor deport Jews to promise land. Tsunami 1 to 8 billion in my lifetime a red death!

Only by Command of U.S. Armed Forces am I able to restore America as The Third Party, that might have happened if Russia bombed D.C. got rid of Obama government the authorities for Majority rule, revolution White supremist bloody task of killing the establishment, to represent White America, under martial law. Recycling D.C. and the White House, restore the grounds we prepare for the end of global warming aware of 2 stars approaching, until 2020 Flood first!

Some situations in the world are sensitive topics like death and global warming, an end of life on Earth, for an ethnic cleansing, concentration camps, racism and deportation. Where under my Power by Default rule Americans take back America, with jets, rockets guns and armored suits, in Martial Law. Armageddon right here and now anytime, or a nuclear winter that no one knows exactly where it starts. In Middle East, North Korea, humanity has proven itself perpetually a destructive animal in need of good government, that won't help us! Where with my leadership democracy will help American people go through asteroids top to bottom of the Milky Way Galaxy for a 1000 years should make a classic book in 1763 to manufacture AK-47!



Lee Harrison,


My alternate solution to all the rednecks doing the best they can voting for the better of two evils, where only by Martial Law is it possible for me to represent American racists the way they want, or U.S. Debt Default turns out a Military Coup, voter default electing me into power to represent the people as one of their kind. U.S. Armed Forces save the day with 50 State Militia I carry out my American revolution, after the end of solar orbit u-turn in the Milky Way Galaxy, through asteroids, from the top to bottom, of Milky Way Galaxy, ever since December 21, 2012.

Coincidently Planet X going by in 2006, that a ship shows up at Mercury big enough to support millions of people hides behind a force field Children of the Sun. To Mayan calendar ended in 2012 a Nostradamus 500 year old prediction that 2 asteroids strafe Europe on December 21, only came close enough to Europe as Russia, blew-up. The 2nd night the other one blew up north of Bermuda Triangle, 2 asteroids coincidently in a crossing pattern Earth began going through ring of Milky Way. Planets and orbs all popped-up from a Universe Big Bang! After 2012 will be times when asteroids are coming in from different directions, to have Americans building future underground reinforced for earthquakes and storms and military threats those hiding at Mercury.


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