Dictatorship Now!
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With a U.S. government printing money intentionally to inflate it, to make the political system richer is a scam Debt, that can't pay the interest on its Debt with political loans and graft corruption, I get rid of ruthlessly the rightist way round-up the whores, enemies and the mob running the media, hit them hard. The White American soldier order take out the crime, the whole political scam system Debt and Inflation, for American citizens fighting to be White.

In my dictatorship merchants politicians lawyers and thieves to camps, convict, nationalizing all their wealth to pay off the National Debt for a Third U.S. government to July 2018 Debt Default prices the corporate enemy I take out of office gas them out and gun them down. Debt Default on Debt payments and homelessness. White man back to his old ways rule, racists establish my U.S. government money metals system, where-by any means White America armed and backed, nazi will to the way White America and depopulate our enemy. Swat all the gangs, take their accounts, kill prisoners I save more than 3 trillion dollars on locking them-up. Hunt down public enemies and at large thieves, can for pets or export to Africa and polynesia to grill mean muscled criminals etcetera with leftists and illegal aliens and their cousins, aliens and lawyer authority Business meat, to cut costs in trillions of dollars, purging out all of the enemies of white, plunder them Militia klan. Racists a war backed, Americans a genocide to replace all the positions in government and industry jobs according to their abilities. Nationalize investment, confiscate accounts, gather wealth, recall US dollar, a National Debt. Gold and silver coin a economy. Public opinion rule the future of America, where military has to throw off the invasion of America, arm citizens, train and employ, all the talents necessary for manufacturing everything in the USA my eliminating politics a bloody massacre, I trash trade laws a isolationism so soldiers take a house each in the purge. Taking out alien peoples, bomb shoot or deport take back America, Military, white American citizens. Ration out homes captured from ethnic enemies deported or destroyed nationalize business, soldiers claim their share of the booty confiscated. Money metals to U.S. Mint, other than a gold ring or two for each citizen coin money metals pay Americans to work underground, need build and manufacture goods prepare for natural disaster, ready for Earth's bubble to burst until after Sun is hit by a red dwarf star Ice Age. Anyone can bomb D.C. and the Obama's the Left conspiracy, mob against Americans, National Debt, level the capitol. My dictatorship model to represent public opinion. We have a little time to prepare for what to do before Sun is knocked out. Labor power survive it. Imitate people living on Mars after world war and disaster. Died-off sea food warning, something comes around Sun.

Most voters defaulted their votes. For duty to defend White American majority U.S. Military I am Power by Default, to stamp out gangland running everything, destroy, confiscate their empire's wealth for soldiers and workers racists and hate group's public enemy purging campaign. Military with a Militia U.S. Military restores White Supremacy, gets everyone else out of the country and concentration camp crooked U.S. politic's for sharks ship or plane out. Military restore White America back to defending White America I put women back in their place, deport or to the farm. Lost freedoms take back, in Military takeover, rockets and then roadblocks, get the colored and the bad out should be worth trillions. Catch or destroy Supreme Court Congress lawyers and leftist media bomb their brains or hang them, if American opinion says so, lobbies making social and economic policies. Armed Forces against public enemy conspiracies, secret society, hate with planes and tanks against enemy legislating economic dependence on stock market schemes whatever financial backer's want. Take out the "melting pot" of subversive immigrants criminals and corruption, the votes against White American majority. Racists rule the streets, citizen's revolution rid us of ethnic and leftist Americans. Bunker in mountains for disaster, over dead bodies of lawyers fraud and gangs feed to man eaters. Bomb shoot and nationalize business and their security guards. Militia divide up enemy booty captured, precious metal coin it. American citizens get a fair share of the booty for giving hell to politician's lawyer's media the alien right's and labor unions in America. Take back jobs for Americans. Unions take out shoot for American democracy! Union assets deposit into U.S. Treasury. Do without capitalism manipulating prices and wages, that drove industry out of America, take everything in my Power by Default Third Party White America, Militia, the over 20 million to arm every possible American racist able bodied white American citizen don't wait to be drafted fight for our lives in ridding White America of all of the leftists raising criminal minds, the gangs and colors.

In order to achieve Citizen's Rule I would have to be a "dictator", Donald Trump useful for organizing economy. Where I would have to be a tyrant, in this year before polar reversal my new system make operational, self-rule, "The People" take over leadership through opinion polls the professions. Soldiers divide up the spoils of ethnic cleansing in equal shares, for liberating America of all our enemies. Issuing citizens good weapons suitable to make possible their Power by Default rule creating a citizens democracy, with opinions of the "Silent Majority" to replace U.S. elections, to further White racist military leadership. Trump an example of racist leadership, to go along with soldiers eligible. My rule by opinion majorities to decide what is right, according to the facts, to manage industry and society on all levels chart all of the opinion majorities. Democracy a party of common goals. Whites working for the weekend, from sea to shining sea, work galore for everyone Judge talent and abilities for the development of all 10 wage skill levels, retire saving 10 million dollars.

If the American people want to choose their destiny I am The Third Party, for White America. In racial discrimination muster the forces to get rid of the people's enemies off of American soil. Militia, Americans deploy to conquer America for American Independence, volunteers or drafted, citizens get guns ammo and all of the backing needed. My leadership to exterminate corruption and eliminate the subversive ethnic differences. Citizen's opportunity $1,000,000 to work for, on a salary scale of 10, 100,000 to ten million dollar banking limit, retire. Inheritance non-transferable over wealth limit limits, heir loom treasures and museums. Nothing lost.

White America's duty is to their national defense and public security. If they are going to commit suicide anyway take that out on politicians, lawyers and the like, with a chance in hell to get away to safety underground in a new social and economic order as American citizens, that luck out with me in Power by Default vote majority regularly should U.S. Armed Forces read this. Revolution looks like suicide for Americans to achieve, unless Trump arms Americans to take back America from its enemies. Capture deport or destroy, maybe with Hells Angel and Ku Klux Klan know how remove alien's from America, traitors and public enemies. Desperate times in the end of the world I am America's only chance, to make the economy right for citizens! 2020 the Big One earthquake suddenly changes the direction Earth turns, that falls over at 300 mph in a day. My Nationalist Company safely underground wealth to work for, before Earth's iron core blows-up out of Atlantic Ocean fault line in Arctic. Nostradamus predicted asteroids blow-up, coincidently Sun orbit turned back towards center of Milky Way Galaxy on December 21, 2012, turning around into 2 asteroids that hit the Earth, before a brown dwarf Wormwood rises and falls apart beside a red star that hits the Sun after the red moons, star bigger than the Sun, coming straight in.

Traditionally when the enemy is invading in mass, like over U.S. borders by the millions, we get our swords and arrows guns and bombs and open fire, forget about Human Rights and Constitution get rid of the enemy take-out all of their other languages on our soil from sea to shining sea we just go back to animal instincts in the real world and I will get us through.

Lee Harrison, lharrison146@gmail.com


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