I Am Your Only Way Out
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The US Dollar is still King, while replaced by digital money. But if you have gripes against leftist society, for jobs mostly filled by illegal's and women that replaced men, made
Post Office workers go berserk shooting women and illegal's given white male jobs. Supreme Court "equal opportunity" rights all given to subversive alien workers. Target liberals lawyers and politicians that replaced White male Americans with aliens and feminists, with what Mafia leftist business wants caused so many Americans to go off like one on a McDonald's crowd at everyone to Supreme Court choices of labor forces. Unemployed for lawyers and liberals equality, I Nationalize with Power by Default in Military Martial Law, take Business for inflation of the dollar in crime conspiracies, buying stocks gold and silver from profits, for alien rights.

Where since "The People" and their soldiers are going to die under the thumb of Business and Communism working together for astounding profits, replaced by robots and automation and alien peoples that flood America's borders. Don't bother protesting in China or elsewhere, that has made life a suicide mission for citizens. Go on murder missions and destruction of infrastructure to the death if Military power does not turn on the establishment, back The People, to destroy the powers that be for Nationalizing Business and government under my plans, to establish genuine democracy, in bloody Revolution like I am saying throughout these pages, to arm the racist Right a Militia.

Clinton political donations from China financed Bill Clinton to get elected a traitor, gave China our best computers to build a military better than the U.S. has helped China get rich and powerful with weapons to fracture America, by sending our advanced computers to them. Not only racists in the USA want him shot, causing Americans to go off attacking business and government, over the spiteful things media says against White America's racism, needing genocide so I feed them to sharks, lawyers politicians and stockholders. My Martial Law repealing alien ethnic and woman's rights, while I represent racism in a Revolution. The Right in power tear gas out the authorities, in my Military solution, offering good weapons to fight the system and "take back America" with racism. Coin the profits of political correctness, in my change of command, for an us against them to alien people's and women's rights management I take out crime in government what White male America does not want. Our enemies in power, Business, "The system" for profit so public tribunals eliminates alien colored leftists stockholders authority, we can. American racist Militia shoot and bomb and round up the enemy, or send in the jets with Military backup. I am White man's only chance to get revenge, in Power by Default for government run by popular opinion Racist American opinions decide everything the way White America wants, my representing the silent majority as dictator of American forces. Spoils of victory in Martial Law. Placing industry in democracy polls join compatible workers into their own work hub communities, for manufacturing everything in the mountains above Earth collapse Flood the bubble pops. The longest red moon last warning, 2018, foretells of glaciers covering the continents after a red star hits the Sun, world distracted by media business and political schemes 2018 inflation crisis corporate world order tribulation. I have to October to get out alive with 21st century data on me to ascend the impossible, if you never did it. Nothing left but massacre, Military taking out leftist targets with Militia.

Anarchy fight the system politic's, religion, worship God only physics laws.

If you want to rape and pillage "the new world order", for all of its worth, I am The People's solution, that repeals women's voting rights from U.S. Constitution back to only a male population say, exterminates politics and taxation political fraud, women's rights equality, while nationalizing wealth of the political "system": Business legislating scams for alien's rights. Divide-up the enemy property as spoils of a race war White man. Save your skin and your country with my Military solution. I am America's only chance to get the job done right, with my Revolution in my transitional dictatorship.

Here most of the problem with conflicting diversity in America is a Catholic Christian dogma, aliens, so finally the Christian Tribulation I have happen to them, in the Day of Doom, where my White American economy I flourish.

Thinking War, in between a local baseball game an announcer said 4 dead police at a demonstration in Dallas shooting good citizens. Military put me in power I will stop it. Not police brutality: Criminals talking trash insulting police officers. Shoot the leftists! U.S. Military back-up the police with Militia under my rule, in a search and destroy. White against blacks and women's rights Martial Law, for slavery or to exile!

Authority has nothing better, a aberration escape I joked. Other Side safe, or die ignorant. Donald Trump save us? Another capitalist pig, talking as loud as he can.

No one can send a dollar now, whoever reads this if they agree with it.

Lee Harrison, lharrison146@gmail.com

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